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CCI Educate is a brand new directory for 2021 connecting some of the world's most exciting and experienced creatives and actors with training institutions globally. 

The purpose of this new network is not just to create more work and opportunity for out-of-work creatives, but also to continue with the CCI ethos of offering accessibility for all.  For example, this initiave allows students in the North of England or Scotland to access London creatives, especially digitally, and is helping to bring more diversity into regional training.  This unique tool also allows colleges and drama schools to handpick the right creative for the specific teaching they need without wasting valuable time sourcing practitioners.


We have access to creatives available from across the following disciplines:


  1. Stage & Screen Directors

  2. Choreographers

  3. Writers

  4. Dramaturgs

  5. Casting Directors

  6. Producers

  7. Wellbeing & Life Coaches

  8. Workshop Facilitators

  9. Audition/Rehearsal Pianists

  10. West End Performers

  11. Vocal Health Specialists

CCI Educate is set up as follows:


Course leaders contact CCI Educate directly to discuss any teaching needs - this can be anything from last minute online teaching replacements to advanced bookings of whole day workshops with a some of the UK’s top creatives.  You specify the session, we will find you a practitioner to match.  You chat with CCI Educate about your needs and then fill out a simple booking form - we do the rest, connecting you with your creative via email to discuss any further details, if needed. 


There is no tie in for you, you can use CCI Educate for all your outsourced teaching needs, or once a year, we just ask you to commit that any creative rebooking come back through CCI Educate. Any existing relationships you have with any creatives would remain between you and that practitioner, but we hope to create more relationships for you with other creatives around the UK and beyond.

For more information about working with CCI Educate for your teaching needs, please contact Michael at 

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