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Collective Creative Initiative

Development. Support. Connectivity.

"CCI is reaching out with support for everyone involved in the arts, to advise, teach and guide those who need it most, whether they are students new to the industry, or professionals who find their lives turned upside down, and the future looking bleak.  Never has a project been so timely and I’m proud to be a patron of the CCI."

Arlene Phillips CBE - Patron

My Story



How We Got Here!

You may know us as the team behind

'Pearson Casting' - Rosie & James.  

So, on March 14th 2020, we locked down in our home with our two beloved cats.  We had no idea then how long that would be for.

As the shutdown began in the UK we cried. We cried in our garden/kitchen/toilet/cat basket; we cried in disbelief at the crisis throughout the world as well as the immediate and devastating impact on our beloved industry.  Almost immediately people in the arts started dedicating their time for free, desperate to help each other. 


On day 13 a dear friend sent us a link to an Innovate UK competition aimed at supporting industries impacted by COVID-19.  

We began to work with the idea of making free sessions into a sustainable programme where professional performers could access free classes, and at the same time the practitioner could earn money, and that was the birth of the 'Collective Creative Initiative'.

CCI2020 was a non-profit project created by the industry for the industry, aiming to allow equal opportunity for everyone, regardless of economic circumstances, to benefit, for free, from 30 hours a week of online classes and workshops.

Our investment from Innovate UK came to end at the end of 2020 - if you would like to become an Angel and invest in the Initiative's future, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.



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CCI Directors - Rosie & James Pearson

CCI Educate - Michael James-Cox

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